Mom Surprises Only Daughter About Newborn Baby Sister. Watch Her Adorable Reaction! | Chicks News

If you’ve grown up with only brothers, then you understand how tough it can be at times being the only girl. As well as constantly wanting a sister that you can play and grow up with. This story is particular is about a little girl named Ellie who has five brothers and only wishes to get a sister someday.

For Ellie, it’s hard to understand that her mother can’t simply just give her a baby sister, but after recently finding out that she is again pregnant, Ellie’s wish is finally going to come true.

Her mother planned out the cutest and best way to surprise Ellie about her new baby sister on the way. Her mother sat her as well as her brothers down on the couch, with a present box placed in Ellie’s lap. Inside the box contains various different things such as girl toys, and clothing and little by little Ellie takes out the contents until she reaches a picture. At this point, her mother explains that she is having a baby girl!

The reaction that Ellie gives is absolutely perfect and adorable. She’s so thrilled that she cries after hugging her mom.

Check out the full video to see this priceless moment!

Source: Little girl with 5 brothers sobs uncontrollably after baby sister news by TwinsMakesSeven on Rumble

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