Mike & Lex Sawtelle The Ultimate Fitness Couple

It can be hard to get into an exercise routine. Some nights you might come home from work totally exhausted and think to yourself, “Gym night? YEAH RIGHT.” We get it, it really can be hard to maintain the motivation to make frequent trips to the gym, or even to work out at home.

gym-pooped-3318061 Credit: Flickr

If this ^^^ is how you feel after a brief trip to the gym, don’t feel bad! We can totally empathize.

Despite or occasional (or total) lack of motivation, we all know that physical fitness is vital to good health. How do you get that motivation to maintain an exercise routine? More importantly, how do you maintain that motivation? Haven’t we all, at some point, made New Years resolutions to maintain better a healthier, more physically active lifestyle only to give up on them a few weeks later?

For fitness inspiration (or motivation), check out this couple! Mike and Lex Sawtelle (and their dog, a goldendoodle named Wrigley) participate in couples/family exercise sessions! From curls ups to pull ups, back flips to family style push ups, and just about every other exercise in between, this family does it. Usually, they all do it together!

Mike and Lex are motivated by one another. A key part of their relationship is inspiring and pushing one another to reach their individual fitness goals. We would say they are doing a preeeetty good job at that. They also hold each other accountable for maintaining healthy eating habits. They work together as a team, and the results are definitely visible. Wrigley is an active dog, so he is always included in their fitness adventures. What a cool family. Rock on, Sawtelles!

You can watch their incredible workouts and fitness routines in the video below. Also, you can check out their Instagram page for current photos!