Make Super Unique Decorative Easter Eggs This March 27th!

Easter is this Sunday! Although it is not too far away, you still have enough time to create fun, decorative Easter eggs. Sure, you can use regular old food coloring to dye and decorate your eggs, but why not try something different? Today, we have gathered a few unique and awesome techniques that will yield equally unique decorative eggs! Please note, some decorating techniques will make the eggs unsafe to consume. We will give you the low down on how to create these coo, DIY eggs right at home.

Decorative Easter Eggs: Unique techniques

Use natural dyes to create beautiful hues! Red cabbage will create deep blue colors, turmeric will create yellowish gold eggs, spinach will create light green eggs, etc. You must boil these ingredients, allow them to cool, and then add vinegar in order to dye your eggs. The best part is that these eggs are still edible after they have been decorated!

Draw or paint designs onto your eggs (whatever you prefer). You can credible fun doodles or intricate designs. If you use paint or sharpie markers, remember that you should not eat the eggs after you decorate them.

Create glamorous glitter eggs! Create designs on your hard boiled eggs with glue. Then, sprinkle glitter over your glue design and allow the glue to dry. Voila! You have some super snazzy glitter eggs. You could even swap the glitter for small sprinkles!

Use pure silk ties or scraps of material to create incredible Easter egg designs. In order to create these mini masterpieces, you need pure silk, a white cotton fabric, string, a large pot or bowl, vinegar, and water. Cut the silk into squares that can be wrapped around the eggs. Cut the white cotton fabric into squares that are the same size. Wrap the eggs in the silk so that the pattern is directly in contact with the surface of the egg. Make sure it is wrapped as tightly as possible, and tie the excess silk with the string. Then, wrap the silk-covered eggs in the white fabric and tightly tie the excess with the string. Place the eggs in the pots and add just enough water to cover the eggs by approximately 2 inches of water. Add in 1/4 cup of vinegar. Bring everything to a boil and then turn the heat down so that the eggs simmer for approximately 20 minutes. Remove the eggs from the pot (use a ladle or tongs!) and allow them to cool on a plate or rack. Once they have cooled, carefully cut off the fabric and check out your eggs!


Use nail polish to create brightly colored marbled Easter eggs! To use this unique, pour several colors of nail polish into a bowl of water. Use a straw or plastic fork to gently swirl the colors together. Then, holding onto the egg, dip the egg directly into the swirled nail polish colors and pull it back out. Your fingers will be a bit messy, but your eggs will look awesome! Please note, these eggs should not be consumed after decorating.

We hope you have enjoyed these decorative Easter eggs techniques! Happy decorating!