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In the days following the horrific murder of 5 Texas police officers, incredible stories about those individuals have come out. 9-year-old Caroline Smith, the daughter of Mike Smith, one of the murdered officers recently disclosed during an interview the heartbreaking final words he said to her before he left for his final shift. As he normally did, Officer Mike Smith gave Caroline a hug and a kiss. [Read more…]

Lately, there has been a great deal of unrest, distrust, and fear in this country. In recent months, the U.S. has faced  the threat of terrorism, dealt with racial issues, observed a seemingly dissolving political system, and so much more. We see these issues in different forms- some subtle and latent, and some highly visible and pronounced. Of late, racial tensions have boiled over to new heights for this century in the U.S. We have been  witnessing a lot of death, violence, and heartache. [Read more…]

One of the worst imaginable scenarios that could occur at a wedding is the bride or groom being left at the altar. It does not seem to happen very often, but indeed it does happen on occasion! Recently, one groom was standing at the altar with his bride all ready to exchange vows. Then suddenly, he turned away from her! She looked completely shocked and confused. Surely she and the priest must have been thinking “what is going on??” [Read more…]


Beth Laitkep, a single mother to 6 children was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was pregnant with her youngest child in 2014. The baby was delivered slightly early so Beth could begin aggressive treatment for her cancer. Beth seemed to be responding to her treatments within approximately a year. Sadly, in June of 2015 Beth’s cancer returned. During that time, Beth was able to reunite and reconnect with her old high school friend, Stephanie Culley. After reconnecting, Stephanie began to help Beth out by taking her to her doctor appointments, helping around her home and with her children, and keeping her company when she was bed-bound. This is where the story takes a heart wrenching turn. You WON’T believe what she asked of her friend.

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When many couples get married, they dream of pursuing goals together, starting a family, and eventually growing old together. Life is never perfect. But, many couples find that their dreams essentially come true. One happily married couple, Kristen and Sam Tripson  were living their dream. They had two children and were a happy, loving family of 4. Unfortunately, the other shoe dropped. [Read more…]


Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows what loyal companions they can be. There’s a reason people call them “man’s best friend.” The love of a dog is unlike any other. They are always happy to see you and are content just to be in your presence. Usually, dog owners outlive their canine companions. What happens when a dog outlives his owner? In some instances, they mourn the loss much like a person. [Read more…]


Stephen Curry is an NBC player for the Golden State Warriors. He became a household name after he led the Warriors to their very best regular season record (the record was 73-9). While Stephen is well known for his talents as a basketball player, he has also become known for his immense love for his wife and children. What he said about her is so beautiful. It absolutely makes my heart melt! [Read more…]

Recently, Destini Schafer and her fiancee Brandon Thomas had plans to elope in Jamaica. As we all know, life does not always go according to our plans. Destini began to experience stomach pains that would not go away. The diagnosis? Stage 4 cancer, which means the cancer had already begun to spread throughout her body. Despite the devastating news, the couple still wanted to get married. However, eloping in Jamaica was no longer an option. You MUST see what happens next. Get your tissues ready. [Read more…]

Cori Salchert is a mother to 8 biological children and a former perinatal bereavement nurse. Cori and her large family began adopting “hospice babies” back in 2012. These babies have terminal illnesses or life-limiting illnesses. In many instances, these babies have been given up by their biological families because they are unable to care for their medical needs or cannot bear to watch their short lives come to an end. [Read more…]

The music world along with fans spread far and wide are continuing to mourn the unexpected death of the wildly talented and famous singer, Prince. Celebrities memorials to Prince have been pouring in on social media and in interviews since the shocking news broke yesterday morning. [Read more…]