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If you know anything about Indian weddings, you probably know that they are typically large, ritualistic celebrations that many people attend. At these celebrations you will see many colors everywhere- in the decorations, on the attendees, and so forth. You will also hear traditional Indian music and see traditional Indian symbols. It is not uncommon for thousands of people to attend Indian weddings, and for endless amounts of Indian food to be prepared and shared. Today, we are telling you about what may seem to many of us as a bizarre story about dogs in weddings. At first read, that might not sound so strange. Dogs in weddings. Lots of people include their dogs in their wedding ceremony. But that is not what we are talking about. We are talking about an Indian wedding FOR dogs. In this instance, the bride and groom are canines. [Read more…]


I’m sure you all remember the heartwarming story of the rehabilitated shelter dog. We have yet another story from an animal shelter. A visit to a dog shelter can stir up a variety of feelings. You may feel sadness at the current situation the dogs are in, but you may feel happiness and excitement at getting to see so many sweet dogs all at once! Anyone who has ever worked at a dog shelter will tell you that there can be a great deal of sadness in these types of shelters. However, some very special stories arise out of events that occur in these same shelters. The story we are sharing with you today is an example of just that. [Read more…]


Wedding season will be in full swing in just a few short months. When it comes to weddings, most engaged couples want to plan a wedding that perfectly reflects who they are and what they like. For some people, finding unique wedding venues is of utmost importance. From zoos to art museums, to libraries and factories, there are endless unique wedding venues to choose from. For some people, finding a unique wedding venue is important for sentimental reasons rather than simply for the sake of being unique. That was especially true for one bride who had a mini wedding reception at the nursing home her mom lives at. [Read more…]

For many people, the holiday season is a magical time filled with love, happiness, and joy. The holidays are an especially great time for couples. How could it not be when you are surrounded by twinkling lights, delicious foods, family and friends, and best of all, each other! For some couples, the holidays are the ideal time to get engaged. You are usually around some (or all) of your family members, you have some idyllic romantic settings, weather that makes you want to cuddle up, and feelings of love in the air. What could be better? Check out these magical and heartwarming winter and Christmas proposals. [Read more…]

If you are a fan of country music, you may be familiar with the country music duo Joey+Rory. Rory and Joey Feek are a wife and husband who have been married for 13 years. If you watch videos of them interacting or read their blog, you can easily pick up on their deep love and undying devotion to one another. Together, they broke into the country music scene in 2008 as a bluegrass/country duo. [Read more…]

It is not unusual for couples and families to include beloved pets in their family photos, engagement photos, and sometimes even wedding photos. One couple recently decided to include their adorable Dachshund, Louie, in their engagement photos. Louie’s owners, Megan and Chris, mentioned to their photographer that Louie LOVED playing in the leaves prior to the start of their photo shoot. This lead to some priceless dog photobomb pictures. [Read more…]

Although weddings are typically joyful occasions filled with love, there can also be an element of sadness for some brides and grooms. This tends to be the case when a loved one is very ill or is deceased and unable to be present at the wedding. Many brides and grooms try to find ways to honor their loved ones during their wedding. They may list their name in the wedding program, or they may sit out a picture of the absent loved one. Out of the many wedding memorial ideas we have heard about, the one we are sharing today is especially moving. This one is a tear-jerker, so get your tissues ready. [Read more…]

Arkell Graves just  recently found out he is going to be a first-time dad. You’re probably thinking to yourself “That’s nice, but why is this newsworthy?” You see, Arkell Graves and his wife Dana Griffin-Graves had begun trying to start a family not long after they got married 17 years ago. Tragically, the couple suffered the loss of one stillborn baby and four miscarriages. After approximately 12 years of tragic losses and disappointments, the couple made peace with the idea that they would not be able to become parents. They moved on with life. [Read more…]

Happy first day of fall! Fall is a fun time for many people. Who doesn’t enjoy a good pumpkin spice latte, a challenging corn maze, carving a pumpkin, getting dressed up for halloween, and so forth. Basically, it is an all-around fun season. It is also a time when some fellas (or ladies!) choose to propose to their sweetie! Some get creative, some plan a simple but effective proposal, but all end up becoming special memories for the fiancees. Today, we have compiled a list of cute wedding proposals that took place in the fall! Perhaps your guy (or girl) will find some inspiration or motivation! [Read more…]