Looking For Effortless Beach Waves? The Beachwaver Will Curl Your Hair For You! A Must have Item! | Chicks News

If you’ve ever experienced a curling iron fail (think crunchy, bent, unflattering waves), welcome to the club. Hairstylists make it look so easy to get stars red carpet-ready, but it never feels that simple to recreate the look at home. Luckily celebrity pro Sarah Potempa has introduced an updated version of her bestselling hair tool, The Beachwaver. The best part? This rotating iron does everything for you, so if you can push a button, you can master it.

The Beachwaver S1 is lighter, more manageable and more affordable. It includes two rotation speeds and can create three different types of styles: beach waves, defined curls, or vintage curls!

Perfect for any occasion! There’s no need to buy several curling irons for different styles when you have this.

And this tool was actually used to get celebs camera-ready for this year’s A-list Oscars parties (one of which was Lea Michele!)

The Beachwaver S1 is a definite must have if you’re looking for a way to get natural curls or waves with a flawless finish.

You can purchase your own right on the products site! Beachwaver S1
View Beachwaver Tutorial Here

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