Like Unique Wedding Venues? Find Out Where This Bride Married

Wedding season will be in full swing in just a few short months. When it comes to weddings, most engaged couples want to plan a wedding that perfectly reflects who they are and what they like. For some people, finding unique wedding venues is of utmost importance. From zoos to art museums, to libraries and factories, there are endless unique wedding venues to choose from. For some people, finding a unique wedding venue is important for sentimental reasons rather than simply for the sake of being unique. That was especially true for one bride who had a mini wedding reception at the nursing home her mom lives at.

The bride, Julia (Napolitano) Phillips is an only child who always had a close relationship with her parents. When she was in her 20’s, her mother, Linda, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that gradually destroys a person’s memory, social skills, intellectual skills, and other physical functions over time. As Linda’s disease progressed, she reached a point where she could no longer remain in her home with her husband because of the level of care she required on a daily basis. Knowing that Linda would not be able to attend the wedding ceremony or reception, Julia and her new husband Justin decided to bring a bit of the wedding to her!

Find out below how they turned this unique situation into unique wedding venues


Credit: Justin Phillips Through Gravidee Photography

Julia and her mother, Linda

Julia and Justin planned to have a mini reception at the nursing home so that Linda could be included in the big day. They made sure to invite all the wedding guests to the mini reception at the nursing home which would be held prior to the big reception at another venue. Sure enough, almost every guest showed up for the mini reception at the nursing home! They even invited all the residents of the nursing home to participate in their special reception. Prior to the start of the mini reception, the nursing home staff helped Linda prepare. They did her hair, nails, and makeup, and they helped her get dressed. Before long, Linda was all ready for the reception!

Once guests gathered at the nursing home, Julia and Justin shared their first dance as husband and wife. Later, they cut their cake together. According to Julia, the reception was filled with joy and love. Everyone had tears in their eyes as they witnessed Linda taking part in her only daughter’s wedding reception.

Credit: Justin Phillips Through Gravidee Photography

Julia and Justin cut their wedding cake while Linda watches

Julia’s parents even had the opportunity to share a special dance together. This was very heartwarming for all the guests to witness as they have been married for 30 years. Unique wedding venues like this proved to have a very special meaning for the bride and groom, as well as all of their guests. Julia and Justin had a wonderful wedding day filled with love, joy, and family.

Credit: Justin Phillips Through Gravidee Photography

Julia’s parents share a special dance