Like This World's Greatest Father You Too Can Win at Parenting

You know you have a great dad when he takes your doll with him and ‘babysits’ her for the day. One father did just that for his little girl recently. Trent McCain owns a trucking company. Due to his long work hours, he does not get to spend lots with his young daughter. Recently, his daughter Joselyn asked her dad to babysit her doll Abbie for a day. Joselyn had a hidden agenda; she wanted her doll Abbie to keep her dad company during his long work hours.


Photo Credit: Facebook / McCain Enterprises LLC

Trent took his job as Abbie’s baby sitter very seriously. He went so far as to document his baby sitting experience with photographs so that Joselyn could see everything they did together throughout the day. Thanks to Trent, Abbie got to inspect trucks, take selfies with Trent, go fishing, and attempt to drive one of the trucks! Trent is an awesome baby sitter and even better dad!


Photo Credit: Facebook / McCain Enterprises LLC