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Life can be tricky and complex, but life hacks can make some parts of your existence easier! Today, we have compiled a list of super helpful fashion life hacks. We hope these fashion life hacks make life a little simpler for you! [Read more…]

Halloween parties are the best- full of creepy yet delectable foods, funny and/or scary costumes, spooky movies, and lots of fun games. Are you planning to throw a fun Halloween party for all your friends? If so, we have some super savvy party hacks to help make your party a smashing success! [Read more…]

Gathering the motivation to exercise consistently can be challenging. However, we all know that fitness is vital to our overall health and well-being. Today, we have gathered a list of easy fitness hacks that will make exercising consistently just a bit easier. Try these fitness hacks out and see if they work for you! [Read more…]

College is a mostly fun experience that typically spans 4 to 5 years. While you are growing, learning, and having a great time, you are (most likely) also living life as broke college students. You are too busy partying err… we mean studying…you’re too busy ‘studying’ to have a job. So, you live off your parent’s money, or you live off some of your student loan money. It can be tough getting by as a broke college student. [Read more…]


Ladies, who doesn’t love MAC lipstick? We know, basically everyone does. Although the price of MAC lipstick is not totally outrageous, it is not cheap either. Today, we are giving you the 411 so you can make your own homemade lipstick! This simple life hack will help you save money, and give you the ability to create the perfect shade of lipstick just for you! Now, we are going to tell you how to make lip stick with crayons. Yes, we just said crayons. Bear with us, it really works! [Read more…]


Okay, so we all know what a selfie is, right? In the offhand chance that you do not know what a selfie is, I will fill you in. A selfie is a picture you take of yourself. It usually involves holding the camera or cell phone out in front of you (and typically making an un-ironic ugly face). You get some interesting photo angles when you take a selfie. Typically, these angles are not very flattering. Regardless, it is not uncommon to see people taking selfies in malls, historic sites, monuments, you name it. Some people despise the selfie. Others cannot get enough of this social phenomenon. Selfies may flood your Facebook or Instagram news feeds. It seems as though “selfieing” is becoming an obsession for some people! [Read more…]


Pets are wonderful creatures! Unlike rude Aunt Agnes who always insulted your “sunken chest” (see? completely rude and uncalled for!), pets are family members that we choose to make a part of our family. From dogs to cats, rabbits to chinchillas, and every animals in between, our pets are special to us. Today, we bring you some fabulous lifehacks that will make life as a pet owner just a bit simpler! Doesn’t that sound nice? [Read more…]


Whether it’s tips on extending the life of your wardrobe, or how to look good in less time and effort – good fashion hacks make sure you’re working smart, not hard. And these fashion hacks are some of the most useful that we’ve come across.

We’ve put together a handy list of life hacks to help our fellow women out. Below are 13 hot tips to help you look your best, while breaking less of a sweat.
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It’s hard to stop and smell the roses when we’re all so busy trying to make it in this world. Traffic jams, sooty streets, cramped schools and workplaces…we could all use a nice, quiet getaway once in a while.

While you could book that exotic yoga retreat in India, why not bring the peace and tranquility home to you?
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With shows like Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank, today everyone and their dog seems to have an invention that promises to be ‘the next big thing’. And, after seeing some of the harebrained items floated around, I’ve become more than a little jaded.

But that’s not to say there aren’t great inventions kicking out there.
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