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Hey coffee lovers, what could be better than a cup of delicious coffee during these warm summer mornings? How about incredible coffee hacks that make your iced coffee 10x better? Today, we are telling you about a particular coffee hack that can help you make perfect iced coffee. [Read more…]


Check out these super simple life hacks that will make life just a bit easier for any woman!

Here are the 6 Best Life Hacks for Women [Read more…]

Life hacks are fantastic because they provide simple solutions to make life just a bit easier. Today, we are sharing some super simple ‘mom hacks’ that are perfect for busy moms! [Read more…]

What once was an excellent technique used for calming newborns, is now claimed to be dangerous to the growth of infants! [Read more…]

Josh Wetzel who is an Army Veteran, received a memorable 30th birthday surprise to say the least. Definitely one for the books for not just him, but his family as well. [Read more…]


From the title alone, we know what you must be thinking. 90s clothes life hacks inspired by the Spice Girls?? What the WHAT!? Yeah, we know how that sounds. Do yourself a favor and stick with us on this one. If you can recall the 90s, you probably remember the all-girl group, The Spice Girls. [Read more…]


Women do not need makeup to be beautiful, but every now and then it can be fun to experiment with makeup. A little blush here, a little mascara there, some eyeliner up there, and voila! If done correctly, you might end up looking like a slightly more polished version of yourself. If done incorrectly…. well, let’s just say the results could be interesting. Instead of doing things the wrong way, use these cute makeup ideas to change up your looks. [Read more…]

Do you have an Apple iPhone? If so, did you know that there are special iPhone gestures and ios shortcuts to make life simpler and easier for you? [Read more…]

Tis the season for lights, trees, and gingerbread houses! If you have ever made a gingerbread house, you have likely dealt with the dreaded roof slide/house drop. You know, when your royal icing fails to do its job and your roof slides right off. Or when you are too impatient to wait for the walls to adhere together and you proceed with decorating but then, KABLAM, your walls collapse. Whatever happens, the end result is you covered in royal icing and candies shaking your hands in the air exclaiming “why me?!” Okay, maybe not, but it is still annoying. To help maintain your happy holiday demeanor, we are bringing you some super easy and effective gingerbread house lifehacks! Give these tips, tricks, and life hacks a try when you construct your gingerbread house this year. [Read more…]

Thanksgiving is almost here! Are you ready?? If you are not yet prepared, you can start by planning your menu, determining how much food to make, making a list of necessary ingredients, and so forth. Despite all the advanced planning in the world, it can be difficult to pull of a Thanksgiving meal without making any cooking mistakes. If you make a mistake, its okay. Everyone does. However, it is ideal if you can avoid making turkey mistakes since good old Tom Turkey (or Tabitha Tofurkey if you are a vegetation) is typically the centerpiece of a Thanksgiving spread! [Read more…]