Learn How to Make Lego Gummy Candy with this Nifty Video!

Today, we are bringing you a super awesome ‘how to’ that you can easily do at home! We found this neat video that explains how to make gummy candy! The video is extra cool because it explains how to make Lego gummy candy! These gummy candies are sturdier than gummies made solely out of Jell-O, but they are still delicious and edible! Plus, they are so much fun to play with! You can actually build with them. If done correctly, your gummies will be completely clear and not sticky! If you refrigerate them, they will last for up to a month. You can even turn them into sour Lego gummy candy by adding citric acid!

You can watch the video (we highly recommend it), but we are providing a list of the ingredients you need just to make things a little easier.


  • 1 box of Jell-O (or more if you want to make Lego gummy candy in various colors and flavors)
  • Karo light corn syrup
  • Knox gelatine packets
  • COLD water

Want to purchase the Lego molds mentioned in the video? Check out the links below!

You can purchase the Mini-figure Ice cube trays here

You can purchase the Lego Brick ice cube trays here

You can purchase a Lego 4 pack ice cube tray set here

These are currently sold out, but you can purchase the Lego Legends of Chima ice cube trays here

Of course you can use the trays to make ice cubes, but we think Lego gummy candy is WAY cooler. We think your kids will agree, too!

You can make gummy candy with other molding trays as well (such as hearts, stars, etc.)

Give it a try and let us know how it goes! Don’t forget to check out the pictures from the video below:


Source: YouTube

I can haz all the legos?