Ladies, You'll Want To Delete Your Uber App After You Read This! | Chicks News

Everyone knows that Uber can be very convenient for various reasons when in need of a ride anywhere at any time! Although people claim it to be 100% safe, it really isn’t.

It has been reported that many women have experienced sexual assault at some point during an uber ride experience. BuzzFeedNews reported that in a three year time span, there were over 6,000 ticketed complaints about sexual assault during an uber ride, and over 5,000 that targeted the word “rape.”

The uber company tells us that these complaints are not right because the words were used completely out of context, and it most cases they really were. However, there actually were five different claims of rape and over 100 of sexual assault cases.

So what can we do to feel safe?

Well, there is now a new app for women called Chariot For Women that works like uber, but it’s now considered safer for women to use.

It’s not just women who have had problems and feared for their lives on these rides. Male drivers even tell stories about how they feared for their life due to intoxicated male riders, so imagine how women drivers feel.

That’s why Chariot For Women was created and now only they only allow women to drive other women. Background checks are made even more thorough now. To make things even more safe, safe words are given out as well as pictures of the riders driver. Therefore, there will never be a mix up again and it makes for a safer experience.

This is one step into the right direction for women safety!