Kim and Kanye's Saint West And Other Stupid Baby Names

If you follow pop culture at all, you know who Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are. If you know who they are, you probably also know that they now have two children, both with stupid names. First they had North West (a girl), and now they have Saint West (a boy). We think that is a pretty heavy name to have to live up to. You may be wondering what Saint West middle name is. The answer? He doesn’t have one.

Apparently, it is trendy to give your children stupid baby names at the moment. The problem is, eventually those babies with dumb names will grow up to be adults. They will be out in the workforce trying to get professional jobs with names like Hashtag, Braxlee, and Apple. We already feel sorry for them.

Today, we have compiled a list of really stupid baby names. Brace yourself, there are living, breathing, human beings stuck with these names. We wonder how many will opt for a name change when they turn 18. We can’t say we would blame them if they eventually choose that option… Well, here we go. Awful names along with some incredibly cute babies and kids who are disturbed and upset by these ridiculous names.

Here are some stupid baby names for boys:

  • Blanket (here’s looking at you, MJ)
  • Diesel

  • Alucard (Dracula spelled backwards… oye)
  • Ninja

And some stupid baby names for the girls:

  • Copelia
  • Sharpay
  • I’adorher  (why yes, that is ‘i-adore-her’)

  • Phelony (the future is not looking so bright for girls with this name)
  • Jessikate

  • Abcde (pronounced ab-see-dee)
  • Chairish

  • Yr’Hyness (It is surprising Kim & Kanye didn’t choose this name)
  • Adorabell
  • Shady

Are you face-palming or shaking your head after reading those stupid baby names? We sure are.

Photo credit: All the adorable baby photos are from Facebook.