Kesha's First Time Back On Stage As a Surprise Guest Performer | Chicks News

Over the past couple months, nothing has been easy for singer and songwriter, Kesha. As many people know, she has been in a legal fight with her music producer, Dr. Luke who she claimed sexually assaulted her.

Kesha filed a lawsuit but was denied her request to leave this music producer. Other singers immediately reached out to her letting her know how sorry that they were for her, taking her side and standing with Kesha against her abuse.

It was music artist Zedd, who allowed Kesha to join him on stage and perform his song “True Colors,” at Coachella just this past weekend in California.

This was Kesha’s first time performing since the assault claims against Dr. Luke came out.

This performance meant more than the world to Kesha, being that she legally isn’t allowed to write and perform any of her own songs right now.

She sounds amazing, check out the video below!

H/T Cosmopolitan