Kelly Ripa Is Refusing To Return To “Live!” Read why here. | Chicks News

Kelly Ripa, star of Live! With Kelly and Michael wasn’t present for the show last Wednesday and no one really knows when she will come back and make an appearance.

Sources say that Kelly is refusing to come back at all! They say this because her co-host of the show, Michael Strahan, is leaving to fill a full-time position for Good Morning America. 

As a friend, wouldn’t you be happy for your co-host? Instead, she’s throwing a fit.

Michael Strahan however still has nothing but good things to say about his co-host.

“I really want to thank, of course, Kelly Ripa,” he said. “Kelly welcomed me here, and I’ve learned so much from her. She’s just been an amazing influence on me and this has truly changed my life to be here with her.”

“And I know that the show will continue to be strong and great because of Kelly … and the staff here because everybody here is so talented,” he added. “This show has not been around for over 30 years by mistake.”

“Kelly, I thank you. I love you and everyone else here at Live!, and I’m not going to cry on TV momma, I promise you,” he concluded. People

It is still unclear as to if and when Kelly will come back, but everyone is hoping she will.

H/T People