Kanye Is At It Again – You Need to See His Strange Rant On Ellen Degeneres Show! | Chicks News

It is not unusual for Kanye West to go off on rants and diatribes. Who could forget the time Kanye rudely interrupted Taylor Swift’s Video Music Awards acceptance speech. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is not unusual or unexpected from Kanye West. If he has an opinion, he does not hold back. He took his rants to another level in a recent appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

kanye-2901280 Photo Credit: FactMag

What started out as an easy interview for Ellen quickly devolved to an epic 7+ minute rant for Kanye! Can you say awkward?? During his rant, Kanye covered a variety of topics including the Oscars ‘So White’ issue, Michael Jackson, his big ideas for helping the human race, the ‘renaissance period’ he believes we are currently in, his line of apparel, synesthesia, and more. Kanye’s appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show airs today (Thursday, May 19). So, you should be able to catch his epic rant right on your television!