Jimmy Fallon And Ariana Grande Have A Full Lip Syncing Conversation. Hilarious! | Chicks News

In case you missed Jimmy Fallon and guest star Ariana Grande last night on the Tonight Show, we have it here for you!

Jimmy Fallon has done the lip synching thing to death. So, on last night’s Tonight Show he kicked things up a notch by having an entire conversation with guest Ariana Grande, entirely in lip synch.

Jimmy visited Ariana in her dressing room to make some small talk, and things got weird when they ended up mostly communicating through snippets of hit songs by Adele, Rihanna, G-Eazy, Mike Posner, Frank Sinatra, Twenty One Pilots, Justin Bieber, MAGIC!, Sia and so many others.

This will have you laughing, and it was definitely well-played.

Check out the video here!

H/T Billboard