Jennifer Lawrence Shares 2 Words For Trump…Can You Guess What They Are? | Chicks News

Jennifer Lawrence is a celebrity who is mostly open and willing to share her opinions. During her recent interview on The Graham Norton Show, she was her usual open and blunt self. As part of the interview, Graham Norton asked her if she had ever met Donald Trump. What she says next may shock you!!

Jennifer explained that she recently attended a concert and heard that Donald Trump was going to be attending as well. She asked her security team to find Trump so she could make a video of herself saying “F*** you!” to him. Jennifer says Trump knew she was looking for him, and that she would not settle down until he was located at the concert. She did not say whether she was able to find him, so we are going to guess that she will have to hang onto her choice words for a while longer.


Source: Wikipedia

This is not the first time Jennifer shared her opinions about Donald Trump. Back in October, Jennifer expressed concern that it would be the end of the world if Donald Trump became president. She went on to say that she thought reality television had gone too far and that his run for office could just be for entertainment purposes.