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Sometimes the world can be a dark, dark place. But where there’s shadow, there is also light. People aren’t always awful, and life can be oh so beautiful.

Unfortunately the good deed stories are sometimes lost in the constant media coverage of crime, war, and hatred. That’s not to say those aren’t important issues, but it’s just as important for us to recognize the the unsung heroes that make the world a brighter place. [Read more…]


When it comes to travelling, most of us view hotels as that pit-stop where we go to rest our head after a day’s adventure. But what if we told you there are some places in the world where the hotels are so exotic, so spell-binding, that spending time in them is the adventure itself? [Read more…]


Let’s face it, there are few things that are guaranteed in our culture: death, taxes…and advertisements. It’s impossible to avoid being bombarded with ads, whether it’s on TV, the internet or sadly enough, our public washrooms. It’s gotten to the point where many of us suffer from a recent phenomenon called ‘ad blindness’, where we know they’re there but [Read more…]


If you’re at all into EDM (Electronic Dance Music), you’ve no doubt heard of breakout star Avicii, thanks to smash hits like “Wake Me Up”. According to Forbes, Tim Berling, also known as Avicii, is the No. 6 world’s highest paid DJ, earning a cool $20 million last year (No. 1 was Calvin Harris, for all you inquiring minds).

And it looks like the 24 year old Swede spent a good chunk of that payday snagging an absolutely stunning Hollywood Hills mansion. The price tag? A cool $15.75 mil. Thankfully, the Pinnacle List was kind enough to share these jaw-dropping pics of the home’s interior with the rest of us mere mortals. [Read more…]


Prosthetic limbs have come a long way in terms of mobility, comfort and improved materials. Unfortunately they still carry a stigma for many that use them. Industrial designer Scott Summit threw the rulebook on traditional prosthetics out the window, and decided to try a different approach.

Together with orthopedic surgeon, Dr Kenneth Trauner, Scott founded Bespoke Innovations in San Francisco, CA.

The company’s goal is creating unique, customized prosthetic limbs that empower users. These pieces are beautiful, unique and meant to be proudly displayed. And WOW do they deliver! [Read more…]