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Let’s get the obvious out of the way. We don’t love quotes about smiling as a means to look prettier, more feminine, and more approachable for the pleasure of others — ahem, misogynists. We adore these quotes because they’re the perfect dose of inspiration we all need to start our day!

In fact, we choose to save them to our phones or share them on our social media because the thought of passing this inspiration forward makes us smile even more. So, if the world gets caught in the crossfire of sunshine, know that we don’t smile for you, but you’re welcome anyway.

Now, back to the art of grinning from ear to ear. Did you know that smiling can have an incredible impact on your health and well-being?

Well, you better get smiling!

If you’ve ever been to a comedy show, you know that a genuine smile and uncontrollable laughter can change your mood.

Here are some of the benefits that come with flaunting a happy grin:

Psychologists from the University of Kansas conducted a study to prove that smiling, even reluctantly, may reduce stress. They centered their work on the adage, “grin and bear it,” and what they discovered was truly remarkable.

It turns out the reason behind a smile isn’t as compelling as what the smile can do once it’s in place. Meaning, smiling for whatever reason could lower your heart rate and anxiety levels.

When the brain senses a smile on your face, it releases endorphins (hormones that can improve your mood). As your endorphin levels increase, the stress hormone called cortisol decreases.The entire process can lower or even eliminate any negative feelings you may have.

As you become happier, you begin to feel good from head to toe. This natural drug doesn’t just give you a positive outlook. It also relaxes your body and helps reduce physical pain.

Yes, you read that right. Smiling can boost your immune system and overall health. That’s because smiling puts your entire body into a more relaxed state.Immune system function improves drastically with the presence of neurotransmitters like serotonin and endorphins.Serotonin is a mood stabilizer with a significant role in your emotional and physical health. It helps control sleep, bowel movement, blood clotting, and even maintains bone health.

So, let’s start enjoying these benefits together by exploring quotes about smiling!

These three quotes about smiling will make you understand the real power of beauty.

“You smiled then, and your whole face changed with it. It kind of lit up, like there were sunbeams coming from inside you.”

This is one of the best quotes about smiling. We love it because it reminds us of that incredible moment when a Christmas tree comes to life.

Now imagine having that kind of light in you! Stunning, isn’t it?

Your smile doesn’t just have the power to change your countenance. It also makes you unforgettable to those who pass by.

“Suddenly, I find the most beautiful smiles in your eyes.”

Sometimes, simple words are better at explaining complicated feelings. Without a doubt, this is one of the few quotes about smiling that embody the phrase, “There’s something about you.”We can’t get over it because, for someone to attribute this saying to you, it means they’ve looked beyond your face. And for lack of a better word, into your soul.

Beauty fades, but that smile in your eyes will live forever. So, keep smiling and let us gaze in awe.

“Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.”

– Paramahansa Yogananda –

We don’t deserve those who can put themselves aside to see others smile. If you’re one of them, we’d like to say that we appreciate you.

By painting a picture of empathy and self-sacrifice, and awareness about the plight of others, the writer reminds us that sometimes, a simple smile can make a difference.

These quotes about smiling show us the impact our cheerful faces have on the world.

“A song and a smile from someone I cared about could be enough to distract me from all that darkness, if only for a little while.”

Many of us have this memory:

Mom smiles and hugs us ever so tightly, as suddenly, the bad things the kids at school say become a distant memory. You may not know this, but someone finds the strength to crawl out of darkness every time you smile in their direction.

“Your smile. Is the ultimate golden dream. All the poems in the world are waking up from.”

Excuse us while we swoon for a minute. This is one of the best quotes about smiling that says, “Okay, I know I’m making you grin so hard, but believe me when I say that your smile is the highlight of my day.”

We also see this quote as a gentle reminder of the power of a simple smile.

“The world could be frowning all day long but don’t be deceived. It needs your smiling face. So, smile anyway.”

– Martin Uzochukwu Ugwu –

A good mood is contagious, but so is a bad mood. As long as human beings remain flawed, the world will have its fair share of pain and anger. If you have a smile in you, let it out.

Don’t let the negativity dim your light. Be a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

Photo by Jopwell from Pexels

These quotes about smiling remind us that life isn’t as simple as it seems. But, with a little positivity, we can all make it through.

“She is a fortress build with fortitude. She goes on when she’s deadbeat. She can’t quit, because others are watching. She smiles instead.”

If you ask us, we’d say that women, but primarily mothers, embody this quote. If you can smile — no matter how small — when your world is crashing, you deserve to know there’s nothing on Earth that can break or destroy you.

Keep smiling; you inspire us all.

“If you feel happy, smile with all your heart. If you’re down, smile with all your might.”

This is one of the few quotes about smiling that remind us to fight. You may not have a good reason to smile today, but know that better days are ahead. Don’t go down easily. Even when things are unbearable, hold your head high, and keep pushing.

Smile through the pain. Dark clouds are nothing but temporary roadblocks.

“Just smile at what has gone by; it could have been worse.”

“Just smile at what has gone by; it could have been worse.” ― Haresh SippySometimes we look back with so much pain and wonder if we could have made better choices. But here’s a fact about life: The past can never be recovered, but today is all yours.Stop looking back; you’re only robbing yourself of the chance to turn things around.

Smile and wave goodbye to the tales of yesterday. Today is what you have, and the power to change your story lies in your hands.

We hope that these quotes will give you the motivation you need to embrace each day with joy and happiness. They’re more than words by talented writers. They can change your entire outlook on life.

Life is too demanding to withhold a smile, and If you don’t have a reason to smile, we hope that the following will do the trick:

  • You survived
  • You’re loved
  • The world didn’t break you

Here’s a little idea:

To get your daily dose of inspiration, print out your favorite quotes on small slips of paper. Place them in a jar and pick one randomly every day before you dash out the door.

What’s your favorite quote about smiling? Share with us in the comment section below.

Featured Image: Photo by bruce mars from Pexels


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