Inmates Broke Out From Cells…I Felt Shocked At The Reason

Just recently, a group of prisoners detained in a Texas prison broke out of their jail cell… for the right reason. An on-duty guard slumped over suddenly right in front of the prisoners. They knew something was wrong, so they began to yell and bang on their cell hoping to get other guards’ attention. But what happened next is something I’ll never forget!!

When that didn’t work, the group of inmates broke out of their cell to help the guard. All the while, they knew the other guards could arrive with their guns drawn and shoot at them.

The inmates created so much noise that officers heard them upstairs and came running thinking a fight had broken out. There, they found the group of prisoners and the lifeless guard. The prisoners were directed back into the cell, but the guard was not breathing and had no pulse. The other guards began to perform CPR until the paramedics arrived. The paramedics had to use shock paddles to resuscitate the unconscious guard. Due to the actions of the prisoners, the guard survived! This story could have ended badly for everyone involved, but thankfully it did not.