Incredible Fashion Sketches Paired W/ Everyday Objects! | Chicks News

Fashion sketches can be fascinating to look at (especially for those of us who are artistically challenged). It is incredible how an idea can be drawn out on a piece of paper with a pencil or pen, and then transformed into a tangible masterpiece made of fabric.

One illustrator, Edgar Artis, took fashion design sketches and turned them into paper cut outs. He didn’t stop there, he incorporated all sorts of objects. Everything  from flower petals to food!

Check out some of his amazing fashion sketches below.

Check out the artist’s use of flowers and leaves!

That looks like a rain-covered window with a streetlamp behind it. That makes an awesome affect! (We would totally buy this dress!)

This looks like blurry colors lights. What a beautiful and unique dress this would make.

This small-leaf covered dress looks red carpet-ready!

This looks like it is made from old CDs. This dress looks like it is perfect for Katy Perry!

Get this… this is made from household aluminum foil!

Ahhhhmazing dress made from tiny flowers.

We love this wildflower dress!

This pomegranate dress is so funky! Would you wear it??

Photo Credit: Fashion Illustrator Edgar Artis

You can check out more of Mr. Artis’ incredible cut out fashion sketches on his Facebook page or his Instagram account.