In Honor of PRINCE, We Present These STUNNING Tribute Performances | Chicks News

The music world along with fans spread far and wide are continuing to mourn the unexpected death of the wildly talented and famous singer, Prince. Celebrities memorials to Prince have been pouring in on social media and in interviews since the shocking news broke yesterday morning.

Mariah Carey performed in Paris last night and sang a beautiful and moving tribute to Prince. Prior to performing her emotional tribute, Carey mentioned that Prince had been a very good friend to her and had talked to her during some difficult times in her life.


Although she considered canceling the concert, Carey believed Prince would want her to perform anyway. You can watch her sing one of her old hit songs, One Sweet Day, in memory of her beloved friend.

Prince died at his estate in Minnesota. He was 57.

Alicia Keys, Jake Owen, the cast of Hamilton, and various other singers and performers paid tribute to Prince by performing some of his most famous songs.

You can also watch the moving tribute to Prince performed by the cast of the hit play, The Color Purple.

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