If You're Into Fashion, Take The Next 100 Seconds To Watch This!

Let’s face it, for the most part, fashion has a very short-term memory. Aside from period movies, and maybe flipping through your parent’s photo albums, we don’t ever get the chance to appreciate the evolution of style. That’s why I love videos like this.

This short film was created to commemorate the opening of a retail centre in the UK, and starts us off in 1911 – with a cute couple dancing together in Edwardian era ensemble. The next 100 seconds after that celebrate 100 years of East London fashion, and are a real treat for the eyes. More than anything else, I was wowed with the amount of wardrobe changes this couple had to go through! It must have been an absolute treat to be a part of this.

As someone who’s also a fan of American style, I have to say that the similarities in fashion trends between our brothers and sisters across the pond are nearly parallel. Somewhere down the road, I would love to see a similar video covering Parisian trends for a nifty side by side comparison.

If you’re ready to enter a fashion Time Machine, complete with flapper dresses, cloche hats, pageboy caps, fitted suits, tie-dye and skinny jeans, check out the video below!