I Would Never Guess This Celeb Gave Birth 3 Weeks Ago | Chicks News

It was just 3 weeks ago that Chrissy Teigen gave birth to her first child, Luna Simone. Chrissy and her husband, singer John Legend recently hosted a crab boil at their house.

Chrissy was photographed in denim shorts and looked completely happy and comfortable. From the photos shared by Chrissy’s mother, you would never guess that Chrissy gave birth only 3 weeks ago! In addition to the photos of Chrissy, her mother also shared pictures of super cute baby Lulu (Luna’s nickname).

Photo Credit: Vilailuck Teigen’s Instagram

The birth of baby Lulu was a huge deal for Chrissy and John. They struggled with infertility and ended up turning to in vitro fertilization (IVF) in order to become pregnant with Lulu.

Chrissy has been very candid about her experiences and open about her post-pregnancy challenges. It is great to see this cute little family of 3 so happy and healthy!

Photo Credit: The Frisky