I Lost It Laughing at This Hilariously Funny Chewbacca-Filled Carpool With JJ Abrams! | Chicks News

Candace Payne, a stay-at-home mom and Star Wars fan who lives in Texas recently purchased a Chewbacca mask at her local Kohls store. She made a video of herself trying on the mask in her car. She quickly devolved into laughter as she realized that the mask makes Chewbacca’s sound every time she opens her mouth. You must see this hilarious video below!

As Candace laughed, she excitedly pointed out what a happy looking Chewbacca she is! Her live streamed Facebook video has received more views than any other Facebook video ever has. The mask she purchased at Kohls has since sold out!

chewbacca-mom-7213611 Photo Credit: Facebook

It was not long before Candace was invited onto James Corden’s Late Late Show to help him with his usual carpool to work. Little did Candace know, the director of the latest Star Wars movie, JJ Abrams, was going to be joining them on their carpool! Candace received another special surprise – the actor who plays Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) saw her video and loved it. He invited her to a Star Wars fan expo so that he can meet her!

Watch the hilarious video below of Candace, James, and JJ riding to work in their matching Chewbacca masks.