I Couldn't Believe This Groom Left His Bride At The Alter! When I Found Out Who It Was For Stunned | Chicks News

One of the worst imaginable scenarios that could occur at a wedding is the bride or groom being left at the altar. It does not seem to happen very often, but indeed it does happen on occasion! Recently, one groom was standing at the altar with his bride all ready to exchange vows. Then suddenly, he turned away from her! She looked completely shocked and confused. Surely she and the priest must have been thinking “what is going on??”

Photo Credit: LittleThings.com

What happened next was the sweetest thing imaginable. Before saying his vows to his very soon-to-be wife, the groom made a special promise to the bride’s young daughter. Talk about a tear-jerker! The groom promised to love his step-daughter as if she were his own and he gave her a heart necklace with a real diamond in it. SWOON. What a gem! Be sure to check out the sweet video from the wedding to see for yourself.

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