I Can't Believe This Celebrity Was Harassed By A Fan & Now Refuses To Take Fan Photos! | Chicks News

Amy Schumer was recently out exercising in Greenville, South Carolina when a fan spotted her. He wanted a picture with her, but Amy wasn’t feeling it. The man held a camera in her face while she asked him to stop and told him that she did not want to be photographed.

The man responded “no it’s America and we paid for you.” He continued to video Amy and posted a brief video clip to his Instagram account. In the video, Amy can be seen and heard saying “That’s rude. Can you delete that?” The man says “Sorry” to the camera and gives a thumbs up. On his uploaded video clip, the man wrote “Amy Schumer just got mad at me and cussed me out lmao!!!! Awesome” You can view his video here.

Photo Credit: ABC News

In response to this incident, Amy announced through her Instagram account that she would no longer take photos with people because of this man. She later tweeted that she would take photos with some people (nice people as she puts it), but only if she chooses to. She went on to say that she “doesn’t owe you anything.”

So, if you see Amy out, be kind and considerate. Perhaps then she will allow you to take a picture with her!

Photo Credit: Instagram account mr.brewer8819