I Can't Believe This Celeb Struggles With Anxiety & Depression! | Chicks News

Sometimes when we look at celebrities, we assume that they have perfect lives. They make a lot of money, have access to the best hair stylists, latest fashions, and the most famous people. From the outside, everything looks completely enviable. However, you never know what a person is dealing with on the inside.

One celebrity recently reminded us that things are not always as they appear. Kristen Bell recently opened up about her struggles with anxiety and depression, and she hopes others will do the same.

Kristen has suffered from anxiety and depression for many years. However, this is something you would probably not know about her if she had not shared her struggles with the public. Kristen described herself as being co-dependent and explained that she “shatters” a bit when she thinks someone does not like her.

Other women in Kristen’s family have dealt with similar mental health issues. Kristen admitted that she takes medication to control her anxiety and depression. She wants people to seek help if they need it and not be deterred by the stigma that surrounds mental illnesses.

Photo Credit: Today.com