I Can't Believe How AWESOME These Geeky Themed Weddings Are! MUST SEE | Chicks News

One element that dictates the look and feel of a wedding is the color scheme chosen for the big day. Dresses, flowers, accents, and more are all one or a few carefully selected colors. Rather than doing a color scheme, some couples opt to do a themed wedding. You know, like a bird themed wedding, or a garden themed wedding. Then, there are those couples who go completely geek-chic.

Today, we are going to show you some geeky but super sweet themed weddings! There is a way to do a geeky themed wedding that looks organized and awesome rather than tacky and weird.


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A fun and whimsical Alice In Wonderland themed wedding!


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Nananana BATMAN! How elegant is this wedding??


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A stunning Harry Potter themed wedding. This couple really went for it!


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A serene Lord of The Rings inspired wedding


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A science themed wedding that included various elements from the periodic table


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We LOVE this Star Wars themed wedding! So much fun!


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A ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ themed wedding!


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Last but not least, a World of Warcraft themed wedding! This looks like it would be fun for everyone!