Hot Dog Princess Stormed Social Media! Guess Who Visited Her!

I’m sure by now, you’ve all heard of the so called “Hot Dog Princess.” Last week, Holly Springs School of Dance in North Carolina celebrated its annual Princess Week. One cute little girl named Ainsley decided to stand out from the crowd by wearing this precious hot dog costume. Now, the internet has taken to celebrating her for her brash individuality and has dubbed her the Hot Dog Princess. However, this is only half of the story. You must see what happened to adorable little Ainsley next!

Check out The Hot Dog Princess Surprise Visitor!


Source: Twitter

This 5-year-old’s bold fashion statement went viral across the internet. Social media users praised this cutey for her bold sense of individuality. In fact, the story became so hot that she even inspired her very own #hotdogprincess hashtag.

But there’s a twist! Oscar Mayer heard about the story and new this was the perfect opportunity for PR!!

It seems that this variable Cinderella has finally found a proper pumpkin carriage. Oscar Mayer took their 6 seat, official Wienermobile on a road trip to Ainsley’s dance school in North Carolina for a photo op session. Little Ainsley even had the chance to ride in the Wienermobile and pose in the sunroof!

This story is just so darn cute!! Ainsley’s confidence is just so inspirational to all of us and a reminder to not really put so much stock into other people’s opinions.


Source: Oscar Meyer


Source: Oscar Mayer

Ainsley’s father wrote this on Twitter about his daughter’s trending story:

“No parent is ready to learn that their daughter is trending….#hotdogprincess. Best part is it was all her idea! She just loves hot dogs!”