Hilarious Dog Shaming Ideas for Pet Owners

If you own a dog, you have probably observed him or her doing some pretty weird/gross/annoying things. Maybe they steal your food when you turn around, or perhaps they chew up your bras whenever they get the opportunity. Maybe you have a pantie muncher on your hands? Dog shaming has become a thing, and it is hilarious. The premise? When you catch your dog doing a naughty deed, you create a sign and get the dog to pose with it. Snap a picture of the culprit with his shameful deed and expose it to the interwebs! Check out these funny dog shaming photos. Some are gross, some are just plain bizarre, but all are rather amusing!

Now, let the dog shaming commence!

Credit: Pinterest

Can you imagine how gross that house must smell?? Oh well, at least the guilty puppy is cute!

Credit: Pinterest

What a funny dog. Hiding potatoes. It could definitely be worse!