HELP!! This Poor, Adorable Kangaroo Needed Assistance After A Bag of Chips Became Stuck To Its Head! | Chicks News

A man recently captured a video of two kangaroos snacking on leftover food in what appears to be a park in Australia. One kangaroos gets a little overly excited about snacking, and he accidentally gets a chip bag stuck on his head! The kangaroo tries in vain to get the bag off his head. But, the bag just won’t budge.


Photo Credit: YouTube

It becomes apparent that the kangaroo is beginning to become fearful. His kangaroo companion looks on helplessly. The kangaroo with the chip bag stuck on his head begins to hop around nervously. He cannot see where he is going, he hops right into a car! As he hops, the man with the camera attempts to inch closer and pull the chip bag off the kangaroo’s head. The roo continues to slowly hop around just enough that the man cannot pull the bag off. Finally, the man is able to get close enough and carefully removes the bag from the kangaroos head!

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