Help The Earth With These Incredible Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas! | Chicks News

Wedding season will soon be in full swing, and what better time to begin planning and dreaming about your wedding! Today, we have some creative eco-friendly wedding ideas that are lovely and good for the earth.

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  • Instead of giving away candy or other favors that people will eventually throw away, give potted plants or seeds as your favor. Encourage your guests to plant your favor after the wedding!
  • Rather than lighting a traditional unity candle or doing a sand ceremony, consider planting a tree with your soon to be spouse! During your wedding ceremony you can plant a sapling together in a small pot. Once you find a home, plant the tree in your backyard and watch it grow as your love grows!
  • Use old cans to hold flowers for your centerpieces. You can paint the cans to coordinate with your wedding colors. Then, fill them with wildflowers or whatever plants you’d like.
  • Go paperless for your save-the-dates and wedding invites! You can use free online RSVP programs and websites to avoid using paper. Plus, you save a lot of money by going paperless and avoiding the use of expensive stamps.
  • Rather than using paper confetti to throw as you recess down the aisle, have your guests toss birdseed or leaves! If you want to use leaves, you could opt to use special shaped punches (such as heart shapes). Then, your guests can toss heart shaped leaf confetti!
  • Encourage your guests to recycle! Make sure you have clearly designated bins or bags to collect the bottles and cans in. It wouldn’t hurt to have a sign indicating that guests can recycle in those bins.
  • Some farmers use chemicals to keep their flowers looking fresh and beautiful. Unfortunately, those chemicals are not typically eco-friendly. Instead, consider creating a bouquet made of wild flowers, fresh and organic flowers, or even veggies!