Heartless Owner Leaves Dog To Die. What Happens Next Is Just Stunning

For every person capable of cruelty and neglect in this world, there are angels like Sean McCormack that prove things aren’t as hopeless as they sometimes seem. This story restored my faith in humanity, and I hope it brightens your day.

When British dog-lover Sean McCormack came across this abandoned dog at a home in Taiwan, he was literally inches away from death. Now going by the name of Tiny, the poor thing had open sores, hardly any fur left, and was just skin and bones. Something compelled Sean to spring into action, and he took Tiny in to nurse him back to health.

What happened next took my breath away. Sean documented Tiny’s progress on his slow path to recovery – and the transformation pictures that you’ll see below are simply staggering. As a huge dog-lover myself, by the time I got to the “after” pics, there were definitely tears of happiness in my eyes.

➥ As Tiny lay in the pound, after being abandoned on the streets of Taiwan, he was barely hanging on to life.

➥ He was so sickly that you couldn’t even tell what breed it was. His rescuers originally thought he was a Mastiff.

➥ British expat Sean McCormack rescued the dog and took him to his sanctuary on the island.

➥ The long road to recovery slowly begins: “When I first saw Tiny he was big, clearly very sick and, we were told, aggressive so we we agreed to take him in” Sean says.

➥ Based on his unique markings, Sean soon discovered that under that sickly shell was a sweet but neglected Rottweiler.

Fast-forward to Today…

➥ Not only was Tiny was nursed back to full health, but he recently won an RSPCA award for title of “Best Dog”!

➥ Despite initial fears about him being an aggressive dog, Tiny turned out to be one of the sweetest dogs ever, according to his rescuers.

➥ The disease and depression that Tiny suffered for so long has finally been replaced with the love and affection that he needed so desperately.

➥ From the cold hard streets of Taiwan, to soft silk cushions. This is truly a remarkable testament to the generosity and love that we as humans are capable of showing to our fellow creatures.

This is truly an amazing story. But The Sanctuary at which Tiny was rescued and nursed now faces an uncertain future. There is talk of the property needing to be sold, which would be tragic for the 200 rescued animals which it currently houses. Without the shelter, these animals may become homeless again.

Mr McCormack is hoping to use Tiny’s story to help raise awareness of the serious issue the animal shelter faces. The hope is that people like you and me can help support the animal sanctuary, just like Sean and his team have supported and transformed the lives of countless abandoned animals.

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Source: The Sanctuary/SWNS.com | dailymail.co.uk