He Was Bitten By A Bug But You Won't Believe His Reaction!

When most individuals get a bug bite, they get a red bump that itches very badly. It might get a bit swollen, but in a few days the redness decreases and the itchiness goes away. One man recently had a different, and thankfully rare bug bite reaction.

A man named Ben was bitten by a bug somewhere on or around his upper lip. Ben did not get a small red bump with a bit of swelling like most people do.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Instead, Ben’s entire upper lip swelled up so much, he looked like some sort of bizarre cartoon character! Of course, his speech was somewhat impaired by his greatly oversized upper lip. Ben created a YouTube video so that other people could see his disturbing and unusual reaction to his bug bite. You have to see this for yourself! It is so freaky. According to Ben, he felt fine despite his enlarged lip. However, we think that may have been the medicine talking!

Check out the Bug Bite Reaction below:

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