He Found Something In A Tree And Was SHOCKED!! Find Out Why His Picture Went Viral on Social Media! | Chicks News

Selfies are all the rage these days. Some people go to extreme measures to get the perfect selfie. In fact, there have recently been a few instances where people lost their lives falling off cliffs or other high-up locations because they were trying to take the best selfie they could. One man recently took the selfie of a lifetime. What made his selfie so special? He managed to take a sloth selfie!!

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

The man who took the photo was visiting South America and exploring the woods and forests in the area. He happened to notice something up in one of the trees- a sloth! The man carefully expanded his selfie stick and captured the funniest photo. In the photo, you can see the man on the ground giving the peace sign and the relaxed looking sloth in the tree! The sloth appears to be smiling and chilling out. This photo is certainly the selfie of a lifetime!

Photo Credit: SoShareThis.com