Have You Heard?! This HUGE Celebrity Is Returning to Cast of Gilmore Girls!! | Chicks News

Gilmore Girls fans received some extremely exciting news this year: Gilmore Girls will be returning in the form of 4 mini movies on Netflix! As soon as the news broke, many of the participating actors and actresses took to their Twitter accounts and Instagram pages to announce that they would be returning. Of course, all of the celebs who played the main characters were on board (Lorelei, Rory, Emily, Luke).

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The actors who played Rory’s old boyfriends announced that they would be returning as well! Various actors who played residents of Stars Hollow were enthusiastic about returning for the Gilmore Girls mini movies. Some of these characters include Miss Patti, Taylor, Kirk, Gypsy, Jackson and Babette. Even the actresses who play Lane and Paris were willing to return!

However, one actress whose character played an important role in the series was missing from the list of returning celebs: Melissa McCarthy.

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Upon being asked about the return of Sookie, one of the show’s creators, Amy Sherman Palladino stated that Melissa would be unable to return due to scheduling issues. As many of you may know, Melissa’s career skyrocketed after Gilmore Girls ended.

She has since been part of numerous hit movies, and has many more in the works. Her roles in upcoming movies drastically limited her available. After Amy’s comment about Melissa not returning, Melissa tweeted back to an inquiring fan that she was not invited back and that she was not going to be part of it. Many fans were completely devastated by this news!

Sookie added extra humor to the show and she was Lorelei’s best friend. What would Gilmore Girls be like without her? Plus, the actor who played Jackson had signed on, so we were all left scratching our heads. How would they explain the presence of Jackson without Sookie?

Recently, something incredible happened. The team behind Gilmore Girls finally reached out to Melissa’s managers and they were able to work something out! Melissa will be returning to Gilmore Girls despite all that drama.

Sookie’s role will likely be quite small since Melissa only had a brief period of time in which she was available to shoot her scenes. Regardless, Gilmore fans are very excited to see Sookie again!