'Hand Of God' Incredible Cloud Formation in Portugal | Chicks News

If you pay any attention to the sky, you can occasionally see incredible sunsets and cloud formations. What makes an unusual cloud formation or sunset different from the average? Typically, the colors are more vibrant and the shapes are unique. Just recently, a distinctly unique cloud formation appeared over the north coast Portuguese sky on the Island of Madeira. This incredible cloud structure appeared to many as the hand of God reaching down with a bright, burning fireball in its fist early in the morning.

With something so unique and unusual as this cloud structure, we cannot adequately describe it with words. You must look below to see these incredible photographs yourself. If you look closely, you can easily see the shape of fingers, a wrist, and part of an arm.

The following photos quickly went viral after they hit the internet. The moral of the story? If you see incredible cloud formations and colors in the sky, share them with the internet! Other people will probably appreciate the beauty too.

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When you look at the photo, do you see the hand of God? Some people see a comet or even a fiery asteroid. Light scattering is the phenomenon that causes these incredible cloud formation visuals in the sky. This causes the vibrant clouds you occasionally see in the sky, such as this one.

In this photo, the colors in the cloud formation are less vibrant. However, it is still quite beautiful.

These incredible photos were taken by Rogerio Pacheco, a weather blogger. You can visit his personal blog here.