Guy's Sweet Reaction To Finding Out He's A Dad-To-Be

Arkell Graves just  recently found out he is going to be a first-time dad. You’re probably thinking to yourself “That’s nice, but why is this newsworthy?” You see, Arkell Graves and his wife Dana Griffin-Graves had begun trying to start a family not long after they got married 17 years ago. Tragically, the couple suffered the loss of one stillborn baby and four miscarriages. After approximately 12 years of tragic losses and disappointments, the couple made peace with the idea that they would not be able to become parents. They moved on with life.

Just recently, Dana became concerned that something was wrong when she could not lose weight. She went to the doctor only to find out that she was nearly 5 months pregnant! Dana wanted to let Arkell in on the good news, but she wanted to do it in a special way. Neither one of them had expected this to happen, so she knew he would be surprised. Dana put a bag of buns in their oven, along with ultrasound photos of the baby and a card that read “baby’s first pictures.”

Credit: Pinterest

Arkell was in the kitchen when Dana began recording her priceless video. She encouraged him to get some food out of the oven. When Arkell opened the oven doors, he appeared to be in shock. He repeatedly stateed, “You’re pregnant??” After having given up on the idea of being parents, it is easy to see why Arkell was so stunned! Eventually, Dana told him that the baby is a boy and she is almost 5 months pregnant. The exciting news is just too much for Arkell, and he pulls his shirt over his eyes as he begins to cry.

Watch this sweet video for yourself. Someone was cutting onions near us when we watched the video… yeah, that’s our story and we are sticking to it.

Congratulations to this incredible couple!