Grooms Seeing Their Brides For The First Time On Wedding Day. You Might Get Tears.

This collection of magical photos are probably the most honest display of human emotion you’ll see all day! If a picture says a thousand words, then the looks on some of these Groom’s faces can write a book. The first time I saw these pics, they were so emotionally charged that I couldn’t help get a bit misty eyed. (Source: Reddit)

I think this former wedding photographer (Reddit user: ReverendDizzle) says it best:

“The groom’s face was always my favorite part of the wedding, honestly.

Grooms are, for the most part, not particularly involved in a traditional wedding. They spend most of the time pacing about, being nervous, often times stuffed away in a backroom of the church or a guest room in the bed and breakfast.

That moment when the bride comes out is the moment when the day comes together for the groom. He’s been worried about her, he’s been disconnected from the process while in the groom/groomsman holding tank, but now the day is real and he can see she’s OK.”



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