Groom Plans Out The Perfect Dance Routine For Bride. Watch For The Guest Appearance! | Chicks News

A lot goes into planning a wedding; the decorations, the dresses, the cake flavor, guest lists, and even the countless hours spent on rehearsing dances. Everyone loves to have a good laugh and shed a few tears at a wedding, that’s what it’s all about.

Every wedding is unique in it’s own way and that’s what makes them so enjoyable! This particular wedding had a lot of humor thrown into it for their audience. The Groomsmen alongside their Groom Nate, knew that they had the perfect dance routine to show off to Nate’s beautiful bride Amy.

Amy is a Physician’s Assistant, which you can pick up from the video and her husband Nate decided it would be funny to show exactly how he and his bride met which gave her quite the laugh! As the groomsmen all lined up facing away from Amy, everyone knew they were in for a fun time.

As seen from the video, you can tell that this was quite an enjoyable time for everyone involved and those at the wedding. A memorable time shared by the bride and groom that will be remembered for years!

H/T Little Things