Give This Vending Machine Your Recycled Bottles, And It Will Feed Starving Dogs. | Chicks News

Sadly, there is currently a massive population of stray animals that wander the streets of Istanbul, Turkey without a home. Care to guess how many dogs and cats we are talking about? Try 150,000! And no, we didn’t accidentally add a zero there.

One innovative company in Turkey is trying to bring down this unfortunate statistic, one bottle at a time – and also make the world a cleaner place. Pugedon has invented vending machines that automatically dispense precious food and water to stray animals every time someone deposits an empty bottle for recycling. Empty bottles are dropped off at the top of the machine, and food is released from the bottom.

It’s a simple yet highly-effective system. The Pugedon Smart Recycling Boxes work because the proceeds from recycled bottles cover the cost of the dog food that the machine actually dispenses.

Check out the machine in action below. If the video is locked to you, use one of the share buttons to unlock: