Gilmore Girls Revival Not a False Alarm and is Really Happening!

If you watched the WB series Gilmore Girls from the early 2000’s until the show ended in 2007, you were probably a pretty big fan. As you may or may not know, the final season of the show was not written by Amy Sherman Palladino or her husband Daniel Palladino (the original writers and creators of the show).

Lorelei and Rory reunited in the new mini movie series, Gilmore Girls: Seasons | Credit: Netflix

In fact, Gilmore Girl’s cancellation was abrupt so the final episode did not provide viewers with a true sense of closure. Since the show was cancelled in 2007, die hard fans have been begging for a sequel, a movie, a reunion, ANYTHING! This past summer, many of the G.G. actors and actresses gathered at a television festival. Although the idea of a G.G. revival was brought up and discussed, it seemed like it still was not in the cards.

Spoiler alert! Lorelai and Luke are still together! | Credit: Netflix

However, the original fan base expanded when Netflix picked up the reruns of Gilmore Girls. A new generation fell in love with those witty, sassy Gilmore ladies. This magical combination of older, die-hard fans and newfound Gilmore fans helped lead to the creation of the upcoming Netflix movie series, Gilmore Girls: Seasons. Yes, this is REALLY happening! In fact, the new mini-movies are being filmed right now. The movie series will be comprised of four 90-minute movies that will show where the Gilmore gang is in the present day and time. Each mini movie will cover one season beginning with winter. The best part is that almost every character from the original series will be returning! A few new characters have been added as well. Amy Sherman Palladino and Daniel Palladio are back too, and they wrote and directed the entire movie series, guaranteeing an absolutely incredible Gilmore reunion!

Emily Gilmore in Gilmore Girls: Seasons | Credit: Netflix