Get Super Creeped Out by the Danvers State Mental Hospital

Since Halloween will soon be here, we thought we would focus this post on a super creepy location. That location is the Danvers State Mental Hospital (or the State Lunatic Hospital). This hospital is located in Danvers, Massachusetts. It opened in 1878. The hospital was built in such a way that it had specific wings for male and female patients. Certain wings were preserved for the most violent, unstable individuals. Underground tunnels connected various parts of the building.

The hospital closed in June of 1992. Danvers State Mental Hospital was featured in or was the inspiration for several movies and books such as the disturbing indie thriller, Session 9. Check out the trailer below:

Many parts of the hospital were torn down or turned into apartments in beginning around 2005. Prior to that, many people claimed the Danvers State Hospital was haunted by the ghosts of individuals who had been “treated” there. Many of the treatments that were given are now considered to be grossly inhumane. Some of these treatments included shock therapy, lobotomy, straight jackets, and so forth. The hospital was built to house approximately 600 patients. By the year 1939, the hospital was considered a home by well over 2,000 patients each day. Nurses and other employees could not adequately keep up with the needs of all the patients. As a result, patients grew sickly and their diseases typically worsened.

Check out these shots of the decrepit, abandoned Danvers State Mental Hospital just before it was torn down.