Get In The Spirit With Tackiest BEST Christmas Light Displays

It is already December, and the holidays are just around the corner. Everyone has their favorite aspect of the holidays, whether that be the gift giving (or the gift receiving), the sights and sounds, the foods, or the decorations. For those who enjoy decorating during the holidays, one’s home can be the ideal outlet for the expression of Christmas spirit. If you venture out into neighborhoods around the holidays, you can find some incredible light displays. Some of the BEST Christmas light displays are stunning with just the right amount of lights and decorations- not too many and not too few. They may have music synchronized with the lights, moving decorations, or other unique decorations.

And then there are those houses. You know, the ones that go all out and then some. The blindingly bright, sensory overload, too-much-to-look-at homes. The homes with the yards packed full of inflatable characters and tacky decorations. Just by looking at these homes, you can guess that their electric bills must be astronomical for the month of December. However, you must give them credit for trying and epitomizing Christmas spirit! Today, we have created a list of the of the *best Christmas light displays (those beautiful ones with just the perfect amount of lights and decorations) as well as some of the worst. Check them out below!

How beautiful is this home? Ahh, just the right amount of lights and decorations. It makes us think of the movie Frozen.

Yet another beauty.

This home is a little overwhelming, but it hasn’t quite tipped the scales yet. We like the lights on the home and outlining the yard.

Another great home. Not too overdone. It reminds us of a gingerbread house.

Annnnd we have arrived. Hello, sensory overload. Is moderation not a word in their dictionary?

Another house that is a tad overwhelming. Well, there is no doubt they have Christmas spirit!

The lights are slightly blinding, but we like this well-illuminated house. It reminds us of Clark Griswald.

We’re back to pretty (albeit a bit of a sensory overload)!

And now we’re not. Here is another overwhelming house with oodles of decorations.

There is just so much to look at. Our eyes are buggin!

There is a lot going on outside this home too!

Ooooh look at those lights. Nice.

Another bright, overly decorated house. Brownie points for effort!

We like this, even though the lights are blindingly bright.

What a cool home.

We’re not sure what the multicolored area is supposed to be, but we like the lighting on this house!

Simple and cute!

Yikes, toooo much!

There is a lot going on here, but we can feel the Christmas spirit through the high electric bill!

A little overwhelming, but still very pretty.

How beautiful is this?