Funny Thanksgiving Pictures Guranteed to Make You Laugh | Chicks News

“Turkeys? No, I haven’t seen any turkeys around here”

Who did it better? We think this turkey is giving Miley a run for her money

There are many things that could be said, but we just have one question: How????

The master of disguise! But what happens when he goes to turn on the light??

Oh but those mashed potatoes… mmmm No shame!

Wine + Cooking on Thanksgiving= A really good time! And embarrassing the kids while you’re having a good time? Even better!

Denial isn’t always a bad thing! That tasty food is worth every pound!

Communication error. Oh well, at least it looks fancy!

That “oh snap” moment!

Somepuggy loves Thanksgiving! It looks like he is thinking “give me ALL the fooooods”

Thanksgiving with the Wizard of Oz characters. Another communication error!

It’s not a hot dog, it’s not a wiener dog, it’s a TURKEY dog!

We aren’t buying that story! That cat looks guilty AF!

A very good point indeed!

If this isn’t an adorable turkey, we don’t know what is!