Funny Photos of Pet Weddings to Help you Plan Your Big Day

Who doesn’t enjoy attending a lovely wedding? There is so much joy, love, and optimism in the air at a wedding (unless you attend one of those weddings where the family members are feuding…yikes). You know what we mean though. Weddings are pretty fun. Nowadays, some animals lovers throw pet weddings. The concept is still a bit peculiar to us, but hey, if you can afford it why not. Fido and Fifi deserve to exchange their nuptials in a real way…right? Today, we are bringing you some giggle-inducing photos of pet weddings.


Credit: Wikipedia

Check out this lovely duo. We think these dogs were soul mates from the start.

Credit: Pinterest

This cat is all ready for her big day. She looks a little pensive though. Maybe she is not too sure about the groom!