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Black Friday is a week away. We all know what that means. 4 words sum it up best: crazy Black Friday shoppers. You know, the people who stampede in the store the moment it opens, the ones who scream and fight over a material possession, the individuals who behave rudely to the poor salespeople earning minimum wage for a lousy retail job, the people who knock other shoppers out of their way to get what they want, and so forth.

We have compiled a list of images and memes of people being crazy Black Friday shoppers. Some of these pictures are a little inaccurate for shopping today. Nowadays, the chain stores are actually open ON Thanksgiving. And we’re not talking about 9PM in the evening. Many of the stores open during your Thanksgiving meal. So, while camping in tents outside the store is humorous, it is actually unnecessary these days. Now, you just stuff your gullet full of food and go shopping!

If you go shopping on Black Friday (or on Thanksgiving, especially), please remember to be kind to the cashiers and other store employees. They are likely tired and/or stressed out, not thrilled about being away from their families, and probably have already been yelled at by some deranged customer who is not getting what he or she wants.

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And now, the crazy Black Friday shoppers:

Would you ever go shopping in your PJ’s?

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Never would I ever… EVER!


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I don’t know anyone that would wait in this craziness!

Credit: Vitamin HA

I’m not running any where!  


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This makes NO SENSE!

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Nothing is worth this hassle!

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I have seen this!

Credit: Vitamin HA

Credit: Vitamin HA