Funny Grumpy Cat Pictures to Rival Grumpy Cat

When you are having a bad day, you need something that will make you laugh and turn your day around. We have the cure for your bad day: funny grumpy cat pictures! Few things are funnier or more amusing than funny grumpy cat pictures. Just ask Grumpy cat! That little bugger went viral just by making a grumpy face. Grumpy cat (her real name is Tardar Sauce) actually cannot help her grumpy face. She has an oral under-bite and feline dwarfism, so she has a permanent grumpy face. Poor thing. Well, I guess we do not need to feel too sorry for Grumpy cat. She has her own website, has been on various television shows, and was even on the cover of The Wall Street Journal. She isn’t doing too bad for herself!

Today, we are bringing you a list of funny grumpy cat pictures. These little grumps are not famous like the original Grumpy cat, but we think they will make you laugh.

The stare of doom! What a super grump!

Credit: Flickr